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About Transcending Leadership

  • This blog is dedicated to creating a contribution to the community of practice associated with emerging theories of leadership and business coaching. What we are seeing presented today are overall models of leadership that are now including concepts such as servant leadership, emotional intelligence, raising conscious awareness, sustainability, transcending self agendas for the greater good of the company/community/world, character based leadership, and moral leadership. The roots of these areas of focus are not new areas of study; however, there does seem to be a new emphasis being placed on these as they relate to leadership and coaching. There is also evidence emerging that indicates that these more relational aspects of leadership...that balanced leadership, high levels of learning agility, emotional maturity, ability to create an environment of trust, and self-management are what leaders need to be successful in a complex technological world and a global economy. The information presented here and the effort put into this blog will also be utilized in pursuit of my doctoral degree in leadership and change.
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